Say goodbye to sun-damaged skin and hello to a bright, youthful complexion!  
With warm summer weather and longer days, most of us love to spend more time outdoors in nature. While summer might be your favorite time of the year, the risk of sun damage comes with those outdoor activities.
Do you use SPF 30 daily on all exposed areas? This is the easiest way to prevent UV damage. We recommend Mineral Perfection SPF 30 for reliable protection and a smooth, nongreasy finish.
Do you avoid sun exposure from 10 am – 4 pm or wear a wide-brimmed hat for extra protection? Good daily habits go a long way to preserve your skin.
If you were not vigilant with protection, you likely have acquired sun damage during the warmer months. You may see freckles, sunspots, or darker skin.
You may notice redness, uneven skin tone, or even new fine lines, especially if you spent time sunbathing.

Don't worry! You can improve your skin in a medical setting or at home.
Of course, a medical provider can offer more dramatic results in a shorter time frame than any home treatment.
 First step: Meet with your skincare professional.  
A check-up with your skincare provider is essential for maintaining healthy skin. A visit after the summer is crucial. Your doctor or provider can suggest treatments to address sun damage.

Second step: Undo the damage.
Once you've identified changes in your skin with your provider, consider what treatments could help improve your skin. Typical summer skin damage includes skin discoloration and fine lines.
From home care treatments such as exfoliating to medical office treatments like a chemical peel, there are many options to help you achieve a gorgeous complexion. 
Here are some ways to help repair summer skin damage: 
1- Chemical exfoliation 
Chemical peels are known to address a variety of skin issues. THE PERFECT DERMA PEEis a medium-depth medical-grade peel that reduces hyperpigmentation, softens fine lines, evens out skin tone, and refines texture for a smoother, more youthful complexion. Peeling occurs for two to four days, with results in about one week. This is our premier anti-aging product and is the perfect way to peel away the summer damage.

The Perfect Derma Peel

2- Retinoids 
Retinoids such as The Perfect A (with 0.1% tretinoin) or a retinol serum stimulate cellular renewal and boost collagen production. Tretinoin requires a prescription and is much stronger than any over-the-counter retinol product. Using The Perfect A two to three times per week can make a big difference in your skin’s overall appearance. Please be patient; it can take a few months to see results.

The Perfect A

3- Moisturize 
Adding a moisturizer like Face Perfection Moisturizer to your daily routine will hydrate, nourish, firm and strengthen your skin’s barrier. Active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and peptides can help you achieve a healthier, youthful complexion. 

Face Perfection Moisturizer

4- Nourish your skin by consuming a Healthy Diet
Because your skin cells renew every 28 days, you can influence skin health by adding the proper nutrients. A healthy diet, including quality proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, helps feed your cells the necessary vitamins.  

5- Finally
Adjust your daily skincare routine for the changing weather. Do you live in a desert area? Choose a serum to compensate for the dry, irritated skin caused by dry, cold or windy weather. Hyaluronic & Peptide Perfection Serum is a nourishing formula that helps increase elasticity and firmness while retaining maximum skin moisture.  

Hyaluronic Perfection Serum

And if you're eager for a fresher complexion in about a week, book THE PERFECT DERMA PEEL now! Use our medical skincare office locator to locate a provider near you. 

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